Revolutionizing Farming Efficiency with Jeantil Manure Spreaders: An Interview with Hans-Jurie Human

In the heart of the Western Cape, South Africa, a family-owned business, Human Landboudienste, has been making waves in agricultural contracting. With a primary focus on manure, lime, and transport services, they have built a reputation for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Today, we had the privilege of speaking with Hans-Jurie Human, the driving force behind this successful enterprise, to learn more about their experience with the Jeantil EVR 14-12 manure spreader and the Jeantil GT 12500 Slurry tanker, both purchased from their trusted partner, Valtrac South Africa. Join us as we delve into the details of these cutting-edge machines and discover how they have transformed farming operations for the better.

Unleashing the Power of the Jeantil EVR 14-12 Manure Spreader:

When it comes to efficient manure spreading, the Jeantil EVR 14-12 manure spreader has proved to be an invaluable asset for Human Landboudienste. With an impressive track record of spreading an astonishing 320,000 cubic meters of manure, this workhorse has consistently delivered exceptional performance. This machine powerhouse maintains a constant speed, even on the challenging slopes of the Western Cape, ensuring smooth and efficient spreading operations. Curious about the ideal tractor power required, we asked Hans-Jurie for insights. While acknowledging that terrain plays a significant role, he revealed that they had achieved optimal results using a 136kW (190 horsepower) Valtra tractor.

The Jeantil EVR 14-12 features spinners at the back, powered by the Valtra tractor’s PTO. Two vertical augers, driven by a hydraulic chain, expertly distribute the manure while a loader aids in filling. One standout feature of this spreader is its unique suspension, designed to evenly distribute the machine’s weight and conquer even the most uneven terrains. With a weight of 4.8 tonnes, the Jeantil EVR 14-12 is equipped with a slip clutch at the back to protect the spinners from obstructions, such as stones. Additionally, the augers boast blades of varying sizes, ensuring precise spreading of different granule sizes.

Versatile Handling of Manure with Jeantil Spreaders

Jeantil spreaders, including the EVR 14-12, are renowned for their versatility in handling various types of manure, ranging from pig and cattle to chicken manure, each with unique consistency. These spreaders excel even when faced with wet manure, making them an ideal choice for farmers seeking consistent, reliable performance.

Revolutionizing Slurry Management with Jeantil GT 12500 Slurry Tanker:

Human Landboudienste has continued operations with the Jeantil GT 12500 Slurry tanker. This model, boasting a generous capacity of 12,500 litres, has elevated slurry management to new heights. With a range of accessory options and seamless operation controlled directly from the tractor cabin, this tanker simplifies the process for operators. The PTO powers a vacuum pump, enabling the creation of pressure inside the tank to suck in slurry and expel it at the back with precision.

An accelerator with a hydraulically lowered boom has been added to the Jeantil GT 12500 to enhance efficiency. This ingenious feature eliminates manual pipe clipping, streamlining the entire spreading process. With a hydraulic mote and impeller, the accelerator assists the vacuum pump in handling thicker manure and water. As the tanker reaches the field, the vacuum pump is reversed to build up pressure inside the tank. With the opening of a hydraulic sluice from the cabin, the slurry is spread within a radius of 6 to 8 meters, depending on the consistency. Notably, the Jeantil slurry tanker boasts safety valves that regulate pressure and ensure maximum efficiency. With its galvanised tank, the durability of this machine is unrivalled, as evidenced by Human Landboudienste’s 20-year-old model that remains rust-free. The addition of a level indicator provides operators with real-time visibility of the liquid volume in the tank, further streamlining operations. And for those who prefer traditional methods, the suction pipe can be attached conventionally.

A Lasting Partnership with Valtrac:

Human Landboudienste’s fruitful relationship with Valtrac began in 2002 when they purchased their first Jeantil manure spreader. Today, Valtrac remains their preferred choice, thanks to the high-quality products, exceptional service, and ongoing after-sales support they receive. This partnership has enabled Human Landboudienste to maintain its commitment to client satisfaction and deliver outstanding results consistently.

The remarkable Jeantil EVR 14-12 manure spreader and the innovative Jeantil GT 12500 Slurry tanker have revolutionised farming operations for Human Landboudienste. With their exceptional performance, versatility, and durability, these machines have surpassed expectations, enabling the family business to excel in the agricultural contracting sector. Thanks to their partnership with Valtrac South Africa, Hans-Jurie Human and his team have achieved operational excellence and kept their clients happy. As Human Landboudienste continues to thrive, they stand as a testament to the transformative power of advanced agricultural equipment in maximising efficiency and productivity on the farm.

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