TERRADISC 3001 / 4001 with MULTILINE

The TERRADISC MULTILINE is a cost/efficient alternative for seed drill with 3 an 4 m working width. It is a trailed soil preparation implement. This means that the load acting on the rear axle of the tractor is minimised. At headlands and during transport, the unit is lifted on the tyre packer. This ensures smooth running, high ground clearance and a low soil compaction at headlands.

Reliable and blockage-free operation

The scrapers on the rear packer tyres ensure tidy, blockage-free operation of the packer. The scrapers are raised automatically when the machine is lifted.

  • The scraper beam is spring-loaded and adjustable in 5 positions.
  • The springs also serve as overload protection in stony soils.
  • No problems when driving backwards.
  • It is also possible to operate with the scrapers raised.

Optional air brakes or hydraulic brakes

  • All wheels are braked.
  • Enhanced safety during road transport also with a mounted seed drill.
  • Good road handling.

From stubble cultivation to mulch drilling


Within just a few minutes, the trailed disc harrow becomes an efficient, fully-functional mulch seed drill. The MULTILINE concept offers arable farmers a wide range of combination possibilities, meeting the demands of the market.

Working cost-effectively

Moreover, trailed TERRADISC models can also be used on their own for seedbed preparation or stubble cultivation. This allows high output to be achieved with smaller tractors.

Flexible all-rounder

Flexible all-rounder
Flexible all-rounder

The VITASEM ADD or AEROSEM ADD seed drill is mounted on the packer. This allows the seed drill to be fitted or removed easily – depending on whether the disc harrow is to be used on its own or not. As a result, the MULTILINE combination is a real multi-talent with a wide range of applications.

The new tyre packer

Tyre packer
Tyre packer

At the headland and during transport, the TERRADISC MULTILINE is lifted by the offset tyre packer so the weight is distributed over the whole working width. The tyre packer ensures excellent handling on the road.

Offset tyre packer

Thanks to the offset wheel configuration, smooth operation in the field is guaranteed. Offset wheels need less pulling power because the packer tyres do not form a ridge.

  • Despite an offset of 500 mm, all the wheels are always on the ground.
  • Large area of contact prevents harmful compaction.