Pöttinger HIT tedders

Why do I need a Pöttinger tedder?

Tedding is a concept which has been used in Europe for decades, but is only gaining popularity in South Africa in recent years. Farmers who are serious about producing the best quality hay bales quickly have seen the following benefits for using a tedder:

  1. Grass dries faster allowing you to bale sooner, reducing the risk of rain on your mowed land.
  2. Tedding before raking makes a large fluffy windrow for better and more even baling.
  3. After a rain storm, tedding can lift and airate the cut grass allowing it to dry and be baled with the minimum reduction in quality.
  4. When used in conjunction with a decent power rake, tedders reduce the amount of manure, ash, sand and other “rubbish” getting into your bales or grass silage.
  5. Baler manufacturers recommend tedding for faster baling, less wear on balers and better quality bales.
  6. Pöttinger tedders require a small tractor and can work fast – you actually save time in the baling process by adding this extra step.

The Pöttinger tedder range includes:

  • Lift mounted models from 4,4m working width to 8,6m working width.
  • Trailed models from 5,2m to (NEW!) 17m

For models and specifications – download a brochure here

Standard features across the range