Trailed sprayers | Kuhn Eco-Ranger

The Eco Ranger was developed for excellent operational performance and autonomy without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. This entry level model is perfect for those looking to migrate from a mounted machine to a trailed sprayer. It has a 2000 liter fiberglass tank and robust construction with a 16 or 18 meter boom with fully hydraulic opening system.

The chassis is produced in steel sheet, folded in a “U” profile that guarantees greater resistance under severe torsion conditions. Powder coating protects the steel frame against corrosion. The wheel track is adjustable and the Eco-Ranger as a ground clearance of 60cm. A side ladder and platform provide access to the tank.

The Eco Ranger is fitted with a MP22 pump with 80 liters / min flow rate. This can be upgraded for high flow applications. This MP22 cast iron pump, with three pistons and a ceramic lining, were developed and produced by Montana (now Kuhn) and the dependability is well known in South Africa. The piston pump has its piston mechanism and crankshaft immersed in an oil reservoir, guaranteeing long life for the components. A repair kit is available for cost effective maintenance.

The ARAG valves and Tee-Jet nozzles on the spraying circuit of the Eco Ranger durable and resistant to attack by chemicals. The four sections and a general shut-off valve, either in the electric or electronic control version, both have a calibrated return system, which avoids over-pressure and ensures the constant pressure throughout the circuit.

16m or 18m booms are fold into an upright position. Both are driven electro-hydraulically, using an electrical terminal, which can be positioned close to the operator on the tractor. The boom of the Eco Ranger has a strong truss structure and two support points with an automatic locking system to prevent damage in transport.