Self propelled sprayers | KUHN STRONGER

Montana Agriculture is a Brazilian manufacturer of rugged and reliable sprayers. With innovation and simplicity being core values of Montana, their products aim to empower customers with efficient solutions for all their crop spraying requirements. From 600l tractor mounted sprayers to the 3000l self propelled 4×4 Parruda, there is a sprayer suitable for every South African farmer.

The Montana Parruda is Montana’s largest self-propelled sprayer bringing you excellent crop protection at a lower cost per hectare. Designed for large scale farming applications and difficult conditions, the Parruda combines big thinking, agility and proven performance worldwide.

·         3000 litre tanky, reliability, safety,

·         27 meter, fully hydraulic, self-stabilising boom

·         MWM 185hp, 6cyl, turbo-charged engine

·         4×4 – hydrostatic transmission

·         Panoramic high visibility, ergonomic, and air-conditioned cabin

·         Hydraulically adjustable wheel track 2.8m to 3.5m

·         Active-pneumatic suspension

·         12.4×36 tyres (optional 18.4×26 high-flotation tires)

·         1.54m ground clearance (1.8m high-clearance option available)

·         Spray computer

·         5 spray sections (7 sections optional)

·         Quadrijet anti-drip ceramic nozzles

·         Stainless steel piping

·         Centrifugal spray pump – 180l/min

·         Independent 800l/min replenishment pump

·         Product mix and container rinse tanks

·         Foam row marker (optional)

·         18.4 x 26 R36 tires are available as an option for sugar cane and other rough terrain applications.