Technology at your fingertips

The Ranger is the perfect machine for you, the producer, looking for a more complete technological package. A machine with greater work capacity and performance.

The Ranger is the perfect towed machine for the field in the roughest and most difficult to reach areas. Equipped with electronic controller and GPS. Developed with the necessary strength to face any terrain, it is ideal for those looking for efficiency in spraying and operational efficiency. From the basic configuration to the most complete version, the cost-effectiveness is what draws the most attention in the Ranger line. Ranger is offered in a variety of configurations: tank capacity, bar size and on-board electronics package. A machine designed to guarantee its application in the field with simplicity and efficiency.


Chassis set

This machine is designed to achieve maximum efficiency even in the harshest working conditions in the field. The chassis is produced in steel plate, bent in a “U” profile, for greater resistance to uneven terrain.Powder painting brings excellent visual quality to the equipment and prolongs its useful life, as it protects it from the action of chemicals and corrosion. In addition to the gauge adjustment options, another differential is the variety of wheel models. There are three models of tires, all with 60 centimetres free span. Ranger is a complete machine, structured and well equipped, which meets safety standards, but does not have easy access to components for periodic maintenance.

Frame Set

Spraying is a job that requires performance and operational efficiency even on uneven topographies. With that in mind, the Ranger was designed with a self-stable set of extremely resistant frames that maintain the stability of the spray bars, thus ensuring maximum coverage over the target. In addition to the reinforced structure, the damping assembly is responsible for reducing all impacts suffered by the bar, ensuring longer life for the metallic components. With Ranger it is possible to start and finish work within the ideal spray window, ensuring maximum pest control and maximum productivity of your crop.