Air seeder with electric or hydraulic fan

300 litre plastic hopper

8 or 16 outlets with dispersion plates for up to 12m working width.

Speed variable rate and headland management

Ideal for one pass planting of grass, wheat, oats, lucern, cover crops and precise spreading of granules and pellets.


APV’s Pneumatic Seeders (PS) are fitted to a wide variety of machines around the world and supplied to many European OEMs. Combined application of tilling the soil and seeding simultaneously save time and money. The seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates, enabling precise seeding even in windy conditions. Popular application include reseeding of grass and pastures. Wheat, oats and even lucern have been planted with great success around South Africa. Practically any seed, slug, pellet or granule can be seeded.

Monitoring and adjusting of the seeding rates is done from the cab, while driving via the easy to use control box. A lift sensor, bin level sensor and GPS or radar speed sensor are fitted as standard on South Africa. No seed is wasted while turning at the end of the land and you are warned when the seed level is low. The dosage rate increases with your speed, so you get even and accurate application all the time.

The metering shaft of the APV system has different size holes for different seeds – its quick and easy to change the segments out, so you can seed from tiny mustard and grass seeds to soya beans with the same machine.

Electric driven fans are cost effective and suitable for normal use conditions. They are quick and easy to fit to any tillage implement and even self propelled sprayers.

Hydraulic driven fans are recommended for very dusty conditions, wider working widths and intensive use.

For fertilizer application, a special “D” spreader with additional sealing and corrosion resistant parts is recommended. Speak to your Valtrac sales representative to find out if you need this model.

Items included

  • Complete seeder with hoses
  • Seeding shaft for fine seeds, seeding shaft for coarse seeds (many more available)
  • Agitator
  • 6 m cable from seeder to Control Box
  • Calibration slide, counter plate, calibration bag, seed scale
  • Fan monitoring for hydraulic fan
  • 8 (or 16) dispersion plates & 4 hexagonal bars of 1.2 m (for mounting of the dispersion plates)

Specifications – electric model

    • 300 litre plastic tank
    • power coated frame
    • Electric fan – 8 outlets
    • Up to 6m working width.
    • Net weight 70kg (electric)
    • Dimensions H 110cm x W 80 cm x D 100cm

Specifications – hydraulic model

    • 300 litre plastic tank
    • power coated frame
    • Hydraulic fan – 8 outlets can be split to 16 outlets
    • Up to 12m working width.
    • Net weight 93kg (hydraulic).
    • Dimensions H 110cm x W 80 cm x D 115cm

APV control box 5.2

  • Electronic control and monitoring of the sowing shaft
  • Electronic spread rate adjustment during operation – automatic in conjunction with the radar / GPS sensor.
  • Emptying of bin
  • Speed calibration
  • Calibration test: Display possible in kg/ha, grains/m² and g/m²
  • Display of operation voltage and power consumption (electric)
  • Counters for total and daily hours and hectares
  • Automatic shut off at head land (using tractor linkage sensor and speed sensor)
  • Bin level indication.