12V electric drive

105 litre plastic hopper

Spreads from 2m to 24m

Ideal for tillage implements, cover crops and vermin control.

Disk spreader for seeding, slugs and pellets.

The ES 100 has a large filling opening and 100 litre plastic tank, making it useful in a variety of applications on small and large farms.  Its 12V electric drive is easily connected to any battery, making it possible to mount on implements, sprayers, bakkies and even you oldest tractor. Popular applications include mounting it in front of a tractor or on a disc harrow or tillage implement for cover crops and grass varieties. It has also been mounted on self propelled sprayers and harvesters for slug pellets and vermin control.

The plastic hopper ensures the low weight of the entire spreader. An agitator in the bin keeps the material flowing steadily to reach the stepless metering shutter. The speed of the spreading disc and thus the working width are easy to set from the driver’s seat via the 2.1 electronic control box.


    • Working width 2 – 24m
    • Dimensions H 90cm x W 55cm x D 60cm
    • 105 litre plastic seed hopper
    • Net weight 29kg
    • Power usage – 12V / 25A

apv control box 2.1

APV control box 2.1

  • Disc speed (rpm) measurement, regulation and control (for spreading width)
  • Easy start / stop
  • Control shutter position (for flow rate)