the valtra BH is back and its better than ever before

When thinking about a heavy-duty tractor, the answer is the Valtra BH 4th generation Hi-Tech tractor. Take a glance at the features: 

  • 5 models from 114kW to 155kW 
  • Unbeatable AGCO Power engine 
  • 170 litres/min closed centre hydraulic oil flow 
  • 18 gears with 3 automatic power shifts
  • Valtra features such as Auto-Neutral and a Forward Reverse Shuttle

This range truly is a series that delivers the maximum output without losing its simplicity. You can work with a tractor that is affordable and has all the features which the modern farmer needs, and none of the frills which you don’t.

built-in brazil – proven to work in Africa 

Valtra tractors from Brazil have been running in South Africa since 2001. The previous generation of BM and BH tractors were renowned for their simplicity and longevity. The BH180’s performance was unrivalled and BM110s are running with more than 30,000 hours and no major repairs. The fourth-generation takes the best features from the past and adds the user-friendly features required for precision farming and modern planters. 


To stay ahead, it was necessary to solve the daily challenges faced by today’s farmers. With the arrival of new implements and the need for guidance and precision –  there is a demand for tractors with hydraulic systems with higher flow rates. Valtra’s solution was to develop and incorporate the modern HI Flow system into the generation 4 tractors. 

The Valtra BH continues to be a simple and robust tractor. It is easy to use and maintain. Valtra combines tradition and innovation to deliver a perfect product for today’s agriculture sector.


heavy duty lift

An electronically controlled heavy-duty lift with a 7850 kg capacity is perfect for heavier implements. It has been designed to deliver performance with less wear on its components. Drive balance control keeps lift implements stable while on the road or moving between fields.

Heavy construction and a favourable weight balance make the tractor perfect for hauling heavy loads.  

better Fuel Economy

The BH G4 line is fitted with an electronically controlled AGCO Power engine. The BH154 has a 4,9 litre 4 cylinder engine. The BH174 and BH194 have the 6,6 litre 6 cylinder engine and the BH224 has a 7,4-litre engine. These engines are world-renowned for their low fuel consumption and reliability. 

Three power shifts within each range can be programmed to change automatically for smooth operation and working at the optimum revolutions and speed. 

The unique Valtra forward-reverse power shuttle next to the steering wheel makes changing direction quick and easy. 

modern planting tractor

Furthermore, the hydraulic system is simple, practical, and easy to link up. The pump tempo is easily adjusted from the cabin through the rear window. All the pumps are within easy reach under the cabin, making service very easy. The tractor has three hydraulic valves and a return valve, but more valves can be added according to the farmer’s needs. There is flow control on all three valves. The hydraulic oil is separate from the transmission oil ensuring sufficient volume is available for the implementation while protecting the tractor. 

The BH194 and BH224 models are guidance ready. Topcon, Trimble or most other guidance systems are plug and play on these models. The BH154 and BH174 can be fitted with electric steering systems.