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If you are looking for a powerful small machine that gets the job done, the A-series is your perfect partner. The A-series offers an unrivalled balance between nimble manoeuvrability and optimal power. As with all Valtra tractors, it is easy to use and reliable.

Two transmission options,  the choice between a comfortable cab or a practical open station platform (coming late 2022) and an AGCO power engine - the A4 series is a Valtra working machine for every farm. 

Smooth gear changing and auto clutch operation make the A4 very easy to drive - ideal for South African operators.

For the more demanding modern farmer, the Valtra A134 HiTech features a powershift transmission, class-leading closed centre hydraulics, brake to neutral and is ready to be connected to a guidance system of your choice. 



A modern, mechanically straightforward, synchronized transmission offers 6 speeds in two ranges to provide 12 speeds in the forward or reverse direction. When changing gears, A HiShift button on the gear lever can be used instead of the clutch pedal. The Autotraction feature allows you to change direction or stop and start (for example when baling) without pressing the clutch. 

The A124 cab model is also equipped with an electronically engaged creeper gear which reduces the working speed down to 150m/hr. 

Like all Valtra tractors, a shuttle lever next to the steering wheel provides a quick change of direction. The speed at which you change direction is adjustable, a great feature for loader work. 

The A134 HiTech is equipped with four ranges and four powershift gears, which can be controlled electronically. It is also quick and easy to change group gears just by using a rocker switch. 

All models come with four-wheel drive and Autotraction as standard. 

economical powerful engine

Valtra’s A4 tractors feature the AGCO Power electronic common rail engine with an optimized injection system that makes it possible to work with high torque at lower revs. 

These super engines are proven to last decades in South African conditions, with many tractors exceeding 20,000 hours. 

A three-speed PTO – 540, 540e and 1000 rpm makes the Valtra A124 and A134 the first choice for efficient operation of implements. The 540e allows PTO revs to remain constant at lower engine revs for proven fuel savings. The A104 tractor has a 540 and 540e PTO. 

A cruise control button allows the operator to set the required engine revolutions to memory. This is especially useful for PTO work like planting and baling. Another example of how your Valtra A4 tractor makes your work easier. 

future proof features

Modern implements and precision farming no longer require a “big” tractor. The Valtra A4 can get the job done. 

Double acting hydraulic valves with float and an adjustable flow divider are standard across the range. The A134 HiTech also has a closed centre hydraulic system and power beyond. 

The lift of the A4 series is strongly constructed and electronically controlled. Active transport suspension is fitted for more stable transport of lift implements. The A124 and A134 have a 5-ton lift capacity. 

The A134 HiTech is guidance ready making it easy to install a GPS, or even move a system across from a bigger tractor, sprayer or harvester when they are not being used. 

The Trimble EZ-Pilot (or other leading brands) electric steering system can be fitted to the A104, A124 and A134 for straight, accurate planting, spreading, spraying or mowing. 

strength, agility and comfort

The Valtra A4 is designed around the driver. Ease of use, comfort and convenience are still a priority for Valtra, even in this smaller package. 

The well laid out cab is comfortable and quiet. The A134 HiTech even has an air seat. All models also have a passenger seat with a seat belt. A plastic roof panel is easy to clean and will keep the tractor looking smart. 

Large windows and a sloping bonnet allow for best in class visibility (great for loader work).  




No one wants their tractors to break down, but if your Valtra A4 does break down – Valtrac gets it going again as quickly as possible. 

We keep a large inventory of genuine AGCO parts at our branches, Parys head office and the AGCO warehouse in Johannesburg. 

All AGCO parts carry a one year warranty to give you peace of mind after a repair. 


AGCO branded oils suitable for your Valtra tractor are now manufactured in South Africa and available from your Valtrac branch. 

It’s easy and cost-effective to use the oil which you know is designed to work with your tractor. 

20 litre and 5 litres sealed containers prevent contamination and damage to your tractor. 


Look after your Valtra tractor and it will be the best purchase you ever make. 

With every delivery, a Valtrac technician will explain the daily checks and grease points. When done properly, these do extend the life of your tractor. 

500-hour service intervals and reasonable parts and labour rates provide no excuse for not maintaining your Valtra tractor in an “as-new” condition and it lasts decades. 


All Valtra tractors come with a one-year warranty, with no hours limit. For maximum performance and service life, the owner must pay attention to the inspections, lubrication and services recommended in the maintenance booklet delivered with the tractor.

In addition, all services and repairs which are performed by Valtrac have an one-year warranty, regardless of the year of manufacture of your tractor.


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