A3F Series
Big on the inside
small on the outside


Your operation gains a powerful ally with the A3F Series tractors. A tractor with the smallest turning radius, perfect for working in narrow environments such as grape, coffee and citrus plantations.

With 25% more lifting capacity, this Valtra tractor can work with heavier implements without losing agility in manoeuvres. Its AGCO Power agricultural engine delivers fuel savings of up to 12% in daily operations, offering high torque at low revs. The A3F Series also has a memory device for job rotation, which results in more efficiency in manoeuvres and more time in production. 

Versatility is also one of its strengths: four transmission options make it multipurpose in the field. The Standard version offers a transmission that is simple to operate; the Multiplier delivers precision at any working speed; the Reducer transmission operates at high torque and low displacement speeds and the Mechanical Reverse offers even more agility in manoeuvres.

All this technology is operated inside a cabin with a design that promotes better visibility. And the controls are ergonomically arranged for more comfort throughout the working day.

Innovation and confidence for your operation.


Versatility and hydraulic system with 25% more lifting capacity

The A3F has the highest lift and flow capacity on the market thanks to its robust hydraulic system. This makes it the ideal tractor to serve any type of implement in the category, from the lightest to the heaviest, without losing manoeuvring agility. You gain in efficiency at the end of every job performed. Continuous flow and flow adjustment also enable operations with hydraulic motor implements. Valtra’s A3F Series saves you time and ensures greater efficiency at the end of every day.

12% lower fuel consumption

technological, versatile tractor that consumes 12% less fuel. Thanks to the AGCO Power Engine, you save and your A3F runs up to 1 hour longer without the need to refuel. This engine designed for the agricultural segment works with greater torque with less rotation, improving its performance. And the economy goes even further: with easier time to adapt the transmission, the operator gains agility to find the best gear for each activity. The A3F tractor is designed to increase your business profitability.

Small in Size, Big in Yield

With a turning radius that reaches 3.1 meters, the A3F Series is 5% lower than the segment’s options. A narrow tractor that eases and reduces manoeuvres during operation, bringing excellent operating efficiency. Despite being narrow, the A3F has the largest cabin among fruit tractors, which provides visibility for the operator to enjoy a high level of comfort. It is also ergonomically designed and has a platform, which allows for the inclusion of steps for easy access and controls placed around the operator that facilitate shifting. All of this translates into more operator comfort, less manoeuvring time and more profitability with worked areas


Valtra fruit tractors are the ideal choice for activities that require narrow, agile, economical and versatile machines. Promoting comfort throughout the operation, the series features an incredible cabin and spectacular ease during manoeuvres with a tighter turning radius. With the A3F, your equipment spends less time down and more time working.




With AGCO Parts Genuine Parts, you have the utmost confidence in exchanging components of your work machine. Make preventive inspections according to the factory manual and guarantee genuine, tested and approved parts, with a one-year warranty. The security that only someone who has a Valtra knows.


Let Valtra lubricating oils keep your A3F operating at peak performance, safety and availability. 

  • Engine: Valtra Engine Ultra;
  • Transmission, front axle and front final reducer: Valtra Transmission Pró;
  • Hydraulic system: Valtra Hydraulic MAX;
  • Radiator fluid: Valtra Coolant.


The preventive review helps to avoid unnecessary stops, anticipate possible problems or serious failures, in addition, to increasing the useful life and value of your equipment. Did you know that using Valtra lubricants, the engine oil filter and oil change can be done in 400 hours? Double the time interval of other oils on the market! This is possible because only Valtra lubricants have undergone rigorous testing under the most adverse conditions, maintaining lubrication quality for the best performance and safety of your equipment.


All Valtra tractors come with a one-year warranty, with no hours limit. For maximum performance and service life, the owner must pay attention to the inspections, services and periods recommended in the maintenance booklet delivered with the tractor.

During the warranty period, labour for technical delivery, first overhaul and second overhaul are free, with additional responsibility for expenses related to maintenance items, such as:

  • Lubricant;
  • Filters;
  • Parts with natural wear and tear (clutch disc, brake discs, belts, etc.);
  • Expenses related to the displacement of the tractor mechanic or transporter.

In addition, all services performed at one of the dealerships that use original parts have a one-year warranty, regardless of the year of manufacture of your tractor.


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