Valtra T Series

The Valtra T Series won the world-renowned ‘Machine of the Year’ award in the 180-280 horsepower category at the SIMA Show 2015. ‘Machine of the Year’ is one of the most prestigious awards within the industry, recognising innovation, technology and total performance. It was also presented with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the product design category and has also won the highest Platinum A’ Design Award. The four cylinder N series claimed the Golden Tractor for Design award at the Agritechnica agricultural trade fair as well as prestigious ´Machine of the Year 2016´ award in the category of lower mid-range tractors at the Agritechnica Show 2015. With a new design and a host of features, its easy to see why this range of tractors is deserving of the accolades.



New generation transmissions

The T4 Series is available in South Africa in three variants: Active, Versu, and HiTech. Active features a powershift transmission and mechanically operated load-sensing hydraulics. The new models revolutionise the way powershift tractors are driven. The clutch pedal is only required when starting the engine. Thereafter, the AutoTraction automatic clutch function is always activated. The accelerator pedal controls the driving speed, providing a similar driving experience to a stepless CVT transmission but with the reliability of a mechanical transmission. The automatic system is a big help when using PTO-driven implements since powershift gears change automatically as the accelerator pedal is depressed to increase speed. This leaves the driver’s hands free to control the tractor and implement. Valtra’s powershift is a five-step transmission, providing a total of 20 speeds in four gear ranges, plus 10 speeds in the creeper ranges.

160 litres per minute of hydraulic oil flow is standard on the Active models available in South Africa with 200 l.p.m available as an option.

Intelligent engine design

All T Series models are powered by reliable AGCO Power (formerly known as SISU) engines, the T154 by a 6.6-litre engine, and the T194 and T234 have a displacement of 7.4 litres. The turbo on the latest engines features an electronic bypass valve, so the engine responds rapidly and offers excellent torque, even at low revs. The Sigma Power feature, increases engine output when the PTO is under load, similarly the transport boost function provides an additional kilowatt in the C and D ranges.

Spacious cab with excellent visibility

The most striking feature of the fourth generation T Series is its cab, which is stylish, spacious and quiet. Six square meters of glass, a front windscreen wiper sweeping 270 degrees and options such as factory-fitted parking cameras and LED working and rear lights offer unsurpassed visibility. Further options like a stereo with subwoofer, a cool box and a TwinTrac reverse-drive system that can be adjusted laterally further optimise driver comfort.

The tractor’s turning radius is unbelievably tight, just 5.25 metres, even with a front loader, pneumatic front axle and front linkage. The tractor weighs 7.3 tonnes, and the theoretical total weight is 13.5 tonnes. The ground clearance is a tremendous 60 centimetres, and the 2995-millimetre wheelbase provides stability on the road. The upgraded linkage at the rear of the tractor can lift up to 9.5 tonnes, while the integrated front linkage has capacity of 5,1 tonnes.

Ease-of-use and low cost of ownership

Special attention was paid to the ease of use and maintenance when designing the new T Series. Checking the oils on a daily basis is easy thanks to the inspection windows. Radiators and filters are easy to access without tools. The new T Series has undergone tens of thousands of hours of testing in all conditions, both on the field and in the lab.

As with all its tractors, Valtra allows customers to tailor their T Series according to individual requirements and the list of features and options is extensive.

Valtra tractors are imported from Finland to South Africa by Valtrac (Pty) Ltd. With 20 years of experience, direct contact with the factory and a can-do attitude further enhance reliability, ease-of-use and low running costs.