Major Cyclone Mowers

Durability, reliability and efficiency are the key elements of the award-winning Cyclone Mower / Rotary shredder. From traditional pasture topping to clearing crop stubble, these machines are equally at home in set-aside, forestry margin management, and sensitive environmental scrubland control.

These heavy duty shredders are designed for the most rugged working environments with reduced power consumption, outperforming equivalent-sized flail mowers in every way.

Its patented ‘blender’ double-chop blade system requires 25% less HP than a flail mower, slashing at least 25% off upfront fuel costs. The Major Cyclone is the mower of choice for the toughest jobs.

High-performance Strenx™ 700 MC structural steel makes these mowers strong, while Hardox® 450 abrasion-resistant steel for the undersole discs ensures a long wear life. Combined with hot-dip galvanisation to EN ISO 1461:2009 specifications, the Cyclone is guaranteed impact tough.

For increased flexibility, an adjustable side-shift unit which provides an additional 30cm cutting width on either side is available as an option.

– Save a minimum of 25% on power consumption and fuel costs
– Unique blade system for maximum mulching and shredding
– Ideal for post harvest shredding to eliminate the over wintering of corn borer larvae
– Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail mower
– Impressive forward speeds
– No wind rowing
– Heavy duty full-length rear roller
– Can be front or rear mounted (to be specified when ordering)
– The undersole discs are produced from Hardox® 450.
– Even distribution of cut material
– Multi-purpose mower; ideal for heavy scrub and stubble management