Kuhn Variable Chamber Round Balers (VB)

Valtrac introduced the VB range of endless belt variable chamber balers from Kuhn in 2020. We have been immensely impressed with the bale quality and reliability. So if you want denser balers in a hurry and without a big fuss – consider this baler.

Variable Chamber Round Balers (VB)

Fast, simple and reliable are keywords of the KUHN VB variable chamber round baler models. We believe in providing efficient, yet easy to use techniques like the INTEGRAL ROTOR and PROGRESSIVE DENSITY to produce perfectly shaped, consistent bales. For producers looking for an all-round machine to work in various conditions and crops, we have designed the VB 3160 baler. The OPTIFEED rotor with single feeding tines, and integrated augers, provides a consistent flow of crop into the bale chamber. This rotor design helps even out windrows by moving them where needed for consistent bales every time.. When cutting is required, the machine can be equipped with an OPTICUT 14 intake unit. The rotor tines are made from HARDOX® wearing plates for optimal durability. The DROPFLOOR intake unit is protected by the main PTO clutch. In case of a rotor blockage, the floor and knives can be lowered hydraulically from the tractor cab. After the blockage is cleared, they can easily be brought back into work position. When your bale is produced, the net binding with stretch technology is securing that the net is applied on the edges of the bale. For an optimal view and control of all processes, the VB 3160 is ISOBUS compatible.

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