• KIVI-PEKKA soil sieve reduces the amount of soil carried by the stones considerably. It leaves the soil where it belongs, in the field. The clean stones can be tipped into a trailer or onto a stockpile.
  • The stone picker is attached to a tow bar and the working depth is adjusted via the hydraulic drawbar
  • The tow bar attachement reduces PTO shaft wear and the working depth stays stable even in the most difficult conditions
  • The tow bar allows for safe and stable on towing on roads
  • Stump jumper, a feature located on the machine at the end of the tow bar helps your KIVI-PEKKA “jump” over permanent obstacles preventing strain on the tractor.
  • The special sieve design reduces stone lodging and lifting-drum tine wear
  • The KIVI-PEKKA power is transmitted via drive belts that absorb the shock from the stones
  • The KIVI-PEKKA is manufactured with care from durable steel components and comes with a one year warranty. All materials are made from quality Finnish steel.

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Weight 4000 kg
Working width 6 m
Stone size 25 – 300 mm
Result 1200 kg/min
Stone tank capacity 1.5 – 2.0 m3
Tyre size (standard) 22.5×550
Rotor support wheels 195 x 14 teli
Power required 23 kW
Driving speed 1-6 km/h
Lifting drum tine QTY 28