K45/K65/K85/K105 (SINGLE AXLE)

As standard, the range of single-axle K spreaders are mounted with mechanical landwheel drive for driving-dependent application and equipment for lime spreading of 12 to 16 meters.


Bredal’s K-series is a range of trailed combination spreaders that can be used to spread multiple materials, depending on the equipment you choose.

A spreader with many possible uses

This means that the K-series has many possible uses and can spread materials such as:

Agricultural lime, fertilizer, sand (top dress), compost, potash, pulverized material (with mounted spreading auger) and several other types of material. Thus, with the right equipment, it is possible, among others, to use this model as a sand spreader for top dress.

Single-axle K spreaders are available in four different models: K45, K65, K85 and K105 (K105 is also available with a bogie).

A full-width floor belt ensures constant feeding of material to the two large spread discs which spread with a quadrupled overlap.

The K series was developed with a focus on a sturdy design for high reliability, ideal operational stability and strength.

The standard model of the K series is equipped with an LED light boom and ladder, 12-16 m lime equipment (“K” discs and downchute for spreading lime), SPC4500-1 (K45/65) etc. SPC4500-2 (K85/105) spread unit.

The K series is available with either a red-painted hopper or a stainless steel hopper, and various tyre mountings and track widths are available.

Optional accessories

Additional equipment for the single-axle K-spreader includes “H” discs, which have been developed for spreading urea, potash and sulphuric acid, as well as weight cells that ensure correct allocation. Furthermore, it is possible to have ISOBUS control, which supports the connection and disconnection of the dosing when turning in headlands and a tilt sensor which corrects the dosing in hilly terrain.

Hopper extension to 23 cm and 50 cm. (only possible on the K105 and K105 bogie) increases the volume of the container and includes a hydraulic tarpaulin.

Stainless steel sieves prevent lumps in the fertilizer from coming down and blocking the tailgate opening during fertilizer application. In addition, it is possible to have plastic wheel guards that protect the spreader assembly and the spread discs against splashes from the wheels.

Technical data:


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