JM 8090/8080 – TERRA SS


Terra JUMIL self transportable seed only planter. The planting window is to be obeyed! A new reality in efficiency. Eliminates dismantling, loading, and transporting processes in different batches. All operations are done from inside the tractor simply, fast and intuitively. Be surprised by JM Terra’s performance in cutting and seed distribution. Pneumatic line, Exacta Air (JM 8090) or mechanical Magnum (JM 8080).


  • Articulated in 3 or 5 bodies, making it ideal for planting on terraces and overlapping terrains.

  • A better copy of the soil, maximising the use of seeds and fertiliser without the need for finishing.

  • Ideal for changing fields, with closing and opening the machine in a few seconds. Transport width 6.30m.

  • EasyTech System (Optional) control all operations from inside the tractor cab.

  • Bosch electric motor (Optional) keeps the machine lighter and cleaner and eliminates the use of Cardan and chains without vibration in the seed disc.