Bronto E250 Extruder

Bronto is a world leader in extrusion technology with forty years experience in animal feed processing. From the manufacturing plant in the Ukraine, extrudersare exported to 35 countries around the world. By constantly improving the design and manufacturing quality, Bronto can offer a reliable product at a reasonable price. Valtrac is proud to be associated with Bronto as their South African importer and distributor.




The extruder is designed for production of:

mixed feed for poultry, livestock and domestic animals such as cattle, swine etc
full-fat extruded meal from soybeans, rape and sunflower seeds with increased digestibility and harmful bacteria purifying


provides a high quality animal feed;
saves over 40 % of grain for animal feeding;
saves over 30 % of electricity while processing the feedstock prior to mechanical oil extraction;
controls the quality of mixed feed;
purifies the low-quality raw material from bacteria


wheat, neigh, maize, barley, pea, lupin, soybeans, rape and sunflower

  • Capacity for soybean processing, kg / hour: 250
  • Capacity for grain and pea processing, kg / hour: 210
  • Length, mm: 2000
  • Width, mm: 1970
  • Height, mm: 1650
  • Power, kW: 37
  • Weight, kg: 1000