Nogueira Máquinas Agrícolas has been building silage cutters in Brazil since 1957 and has also become known throughout America, Africa and the Middle East.

It is one of the largest groups of agricultural machines and implements in the world with a highly qualified team and more than fifteen hundred resellers spread throughout Brazil and the world. Valtrac has been importing the Noguiera Pecas forage harvesters since 2004.

Hundreds of single and double row Noguiera silage harvesters are used across South Africa on demanding cattle farms, dairies and feedlots.


This chopper works has proven itself on feedlots and dairy farms across South Africa and handles irrigation maize and harsh conditions well. The patented is recognised for the best in class performance, durability and simplicity!

Its rotor design with 12 blades and its efficient kernel processor sieve guarantees a uniform chopping and broken pips, essential for producing quality silage with a high nutritional value.

Its collecting head is equipped with four drums, and it is articulable that facilitates maintenance.

The integrated blades sharpening system is safe and practical. Uniform sharpening of the blades provides a clean and cut and lower power consumption.

The belt drive from the PTO acts as a fuse and protects the gearbox when something does go wrong.


New Pecus Duo forage harvester is specially designed equipment for the farmer who seeks greater yield and speed in the harvest of maize and sorghum—designed and equipped with two chopping rotors and with the recognised kernel processor sieve that guarantees a uniform chopping, essential for the production of a silo of quality and high nutritional value.

Each collecting platform is equipped with four drums, and it is articulated that facilitates maintenance. Its blades sharpening system is safe and practical and guarantees a constant sharpening of the blades.

A pivoting arm allows the Pecus Duo is operated either to the side of the tractor OR directly behind the tractor. This is useful for opening rows for access to the field. It also means that it can be used on a Valtra TwinTrac tractor running in reverse for the best visibility and performance. Available in the following spacings between rows: 720mm (700-770mm), 800mm (750-850mm), 900mm (850-950mm) and 950mm (900-100mm)