KUHN Montana Self Propelled Sprayers | Montana Parruda 2627 M

Montana Agriculture is a Brazilian manufacturer of rugged and reliable sprayers. With innovation and simplicity being core values of Montana, their products aim to empower customers with efficient solutions for all their crop spraying requirements. From 600l tractor mounted sprayers to the 3000l self propelled 4×4 Parruda, there is a sprayer suitable for every South African farmer.

The 2627 M is a mid-sized self-propelled sprayer that delivers excellent productivity at a low cost. The 2627 M has a cost effective, low maintenance, and simple mechanical 2×4 transmission. The 2627 merges the best advantages found in the Boxer 2021 and the Parruda 3027. The Parruda 2627 M has proved itself to be a highly reliable and productive ally on farms around the world.

·         2600 litre tank

·         27 meter, fully hydraulic, self-stabilising boom

·         MWM 135hp, 4cyl, turbo-charged engine

·         4×2 – 10 speed (+ 2 reverse speed) mechanical transmission

·         Panoramic high visibility, ergonomic, and air-conditioned cabin

·         Manually adjustable wheel track 2.8m, 2.9m, 3.0m, 3.1m, and 3.2m

·         Active-pneumatic suspension

·         12.4×36 tyres

·         1.54m ground clearance

·         Spray computer

·         5 spray sections (7 sections optional)

·         Trijet anti-drip ceramic nozzles (Quadrijet optional)

·         Centrifugal spray pump – 180l/min, or MPP44 piston pump – 160 l/min

·         Product mix and container rinse tanks

·         Foam row marker (optional)