VALTRA UNLIMITED: A bit of luxury and lots of functionality

When the Valtra Unlimited studio opened its doors in the Suolahti factory in 2013, the mission was clear: fulfil all the wishes that customers may have for their new tractors. Just under two years later the studio can look back on an impressive track record of specially customized tractors.

In 2014 the studio tuned over 460 tractors according to the wishes of customers from 15 countries. This year’s order book has also been filling up rapidly.

Whether the customer would like to make visual changes to the tractor like the colour, chrome finishing or special upholstery; or functional additions such as additional hydraulic capacity, engine pre-heaters, front PTO for the small N Series or the articulation for an N Direct model: the Unlimited Studio can cater for all wishes as long as legal requirements are still met.

The studio is part of the Valtra factory, so the customer can order everything through the salesperson cost efficiently and rapidly. The final tractor including the Unlimited equipment is covered by the standard factory warranty. The tractor’s serial number also indicates all the parts fitted at the Unlimited studio, making it simple to order spare parts in the future.

Examples of Unlimited customizations

N Series Direct models can be fitted with articulated steering. This option turns the tractor into a perfect multipurpose machine for agriculture, municipal maintenance work, forestry, front loading, or a mix of tasks in these segments. The reduced turning angles and easy manoeuvring in tight spaces make the N Series with articulated steering the most agile tractor in its class. And the N Series with articulated steering is actually two machines in one: the operator can set the machine to operate as a standard tractor simply by pressing a button. More about articulated Valtra tractors

Structural modifications like the front PTO for small N Series models N93 and N103 are also available through the Unlimited studio.

Another recent display of the Unlimited studio’s craft is the T234 Active displayed at the SIMA show in Paris. The tractor was painted a special champagne colour and the interior of the cab was adapted to match with special leather seats and luxurious colour finishing.

In 2013 the Finnish defence forces ordered 106 N163 Direct tractors. In order to fulfil the various requirements of the army’s logistic branch, the tractors were equipped with special army-green paint, black-painted rims, front loader auxiliary valves, fuel powered engine pre-heating, a rack for weapons, fuel tank protection, additional electric outlets and many more.


Pink cat was specially equipped for the Young Farmer’s association of Finlandin 2014. The Unlimited features include bright pink taping, red leather upholstery, chrome headlight surrounds, chrome exhaust, chrome mounting rack on the roof, chrome grill guard, alpine horns on the roof, LED auxiliary work lights, breath alcohol ignition interlock, a top-end stereo and DVD player, a stainless steel mirror on the ceiling of the cab, rim guards made out of chrome-plated sheet metal, iPad and an Auto-Guide readiness system.



Most popular Unlimited options in 2014

Fuel powered engine heaters


Battery chargers


LED beacon light bar


Hydraulic options


LED work light package


Special paint


Forest equipment


Towbars and hitches


Articulated steering


Tinted windows




Special taping


For more information visit the Valtra Unlimited webpages