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In modern agriculture, new cultivation systems have bolstered the trend towards minimal tillage. After the harvest, the soil and crop residues must be worked to encourage early establishment of the new crop. This mixture of straw and soil creates optimal living conditions for soil organisms. The specialist's tool for flat soil working is the short disc harrow TERRADISC. The device is a versatile tool and can also be used for seed bed preparation.

The Terradisc is a rugged and compact implement consisting of  two rows of short disc harrows with scalloped concave discs and a rear roller. There are a number of different roller configurations available (see below). The discs are mounted on a category II three point linkage. Working widths from 3m to 6m are available with all widths folding for easy road transport.


Twin-Arm system – the crux of the matter


With this new carrier arm system two serrated concave discs are mounted on a wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard tyre tracks are broken up reliably. Four rubber elements in the mounting bracket provide overload protection on contact with rocks. The generously dimensioned discs have a diameter of 22.83" / 580 mm. Eight discs per metre of working width equate to a spacing of just 0.49" / 125 mm. The optimised interplay of ground penetration angle and mounting angle ensure perfect performance. The offset configuration of the aggressive discs mixes the harvest residues eff ectively into the soil.

  • The wide clamp contact surface of the mountings keeps the discs in position – sideways movement is impossible.
  • Proven over many years in the field, the trip protection features 1.57" / 40 mm thick rubber elements.
  • Two massive forged carrier arms are welded to each clamping bracket.
  • The bearings are fitted to the disc carrier arm by a stub axle.
  • The nuts are protected by caps mounted on the same axle bolt.
  • The sealed, twin-race angular contact bearings are maintenance-free.
  • The rugged discs made of special heattreated steel have a diameter of 22.83" / 580 mm..

Perfect match to every tractor


Tractors with up to 200 hp have a huge range of hitch geometries. The mounting configurations offered by this implement ensure excellent ground penetration and sufficient lifting height.

  • The compact frame is a trademark of the mounted TERRADISC harrow. The first gang of discs is very close to the tractor – ideal for a very favourable centre of gravity.
  • Three lower linkage heights with Cat 2 / width 2 clevis-type mounting lugs.
  • Two positions are possible for headstock angle.
  • Two positions are possible for the headstock angle and with three top linkage positions you have optimum adjustment to fit any tractor.
  • The uppermost top linkage hole is slotted for very uneven ground.
  • The compact, short design guarantees smooth and stable operation of the implement.
  • Unique open frame design provides a perfect view of both disc gangs from the driver's seat.

Perfectly engineered for convenient operation


The desired results can only be achieved using high quality technology deploying an effective sequence of tools.

Generous inter-disc clearance

  • Plenty of space between discs and carrier arms.
  • The carrier arms are slanted facing the direction of rotation so that there is no risk of stones of harvest trash becoming lodged between the disc and arm.
  • A large clearance between the disc and clamping bracket means large quantities of organic matter can easily pass through.


Edging discs available as an option
  • Two edging discs are available for a uniform surface finish. On both sides the height of the edging discs can be adjusted, as well as their longitudinal position in relation to the direction of transport. Their distance from the concave discs can also be varied.
Adjustable outer discs
  • On the left and right the outermost concave discs are depth adjustable. This means you achieve perfect merging without forming a groove or ridge..

Reduced transport width


The outer pairs of discs can be hinged upwards using a lever. The edging discs are simply pushed inwards for transport widths of 3.0 m, 3.50 m and 4.0 m.

  • As a result the TERRADISC 3501 can be transported on the road unaccompanied in situations where laws permit a width of 3.50 m. That adds up to 17 % higher output compared to a 3.0 m implement.

Maintenance-free disc bearings


The two disc gangs are set at an ideal angle in relation to each other for perfect results in diff erent soil types, working depths and travelling speeds.
The special twin-race taper roller bearings have been adopted from the construction machinery industry. Ruggedness and reliability are guaranteed as a result. Impacts are absorbed eff ortlessly.

  • The sealed bearing is maintenance-free and does not need to be accessed.
  • A labyrinth seal provides completely tight protection for the bearing.
  • A metal cover encapsulates the labyrinth seal for additional security.

The highest level of convenience


The rear rollers assume the role of depth control for the disc harrow. Working depth is adjusted hydraulically quickly without risk to the operator.

  • Folding 5 mm-thick spacer plates are used to fine-tune depth control.
  • The roller is fixed in the working position by a hydraulic check valve so that its entire weight acts on the discs. This ensures reliable penetration on dry and hard ground.
  • The trailed harrow tines are adjusted in unison with the roller suspension arms.
  • No complicated manual intervention required – convenience that every tractor driver deserves.

Trailed rollers

Roller versions and applications

The ideal roller for dealing with dry, non-sticky soils. The roller is fitted with tubular bars for optimal consolidation. Diameter 540 mm,
eleven bars or / 660 mm, twelve bars.
A combination with different diameter rollers:  540 mm front and 420 mm rear. The pendular function ensures optimal crumbling and adjustment to the contours of the ground.
The advantages of the cutting ring roller (600 mm diameter) include enhanced crumbling and compression by means of wedge-shaped rings. The blades between the rings crush the lumps of earth and also clean the spaces between them. Compression in strips has the advantage that water can be absorbed better. The correct choice for dry, difficult soils.
The shoulder rings have a diameter of 550 mm, and there are eight rings per metre of working width. The roller leaves behind consolidation in strips, promoting water absorption and soil respiration. This is the ideal roller for stony, damp soil conditions and large quantities of organic material.

Roller for especially light soil types. Diameter 550 mm.

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