Bogballe models

Bogballe spreaders are suitable for spreading: 

  • Granular fertilizer 
  • Fine seeds (Barley, wheat, lucerne, oats, rye, mustard etc). 
  • Slug and rat pellets 

Find a suitable spreadchart for the product you want to spread. 

Choosing the correct spreader for you is as simple as deciding what size machine, spreading width and controller type best suited to your needs. 

Bogballe M6W fertilizer spreader on Valtra T4An orchard kit is available for the L1 models, so the same spreader can be used for spreading fertilizer in fields and in the orchard. 

The optional BXL crane can be fitted onto the tractors three point linkage and hydraulically operated to make lifting bulk bags quick and easy without needing another loader or tractor. A single operator can do the whole spreading operation quickly, safely and efficiently. 

If your tractors does not have sufficient lift capacity to lift the spreader when full (you should consider buying a Valtra :)) alternatively, you can buy the trailer kit fo the M2 models which enables even a small tractor to perform large scale spreading work. 

Spreader models and available options:


Vane sets (distance between tracks) (m)



Capacity (litres)

Capacity (kg)






Load Cell (W)

Orchard Kit

BLX Crane


L1 1325 1325L 1300kg y y         y y  
L1 1600 1600L 1600kg y y         y y  
L2 2050 2050L 2000kg y y y y y y   y  
M2 2675 2675L 2500kg   y y y y y   y y
M3 4050 4050L 4000kg   y y y y y   y y
M6 5550 5550L 6000kg   y y y y y   y y


  • Load cells are the only option which can not be retrofitted and the spreader needs to be ordered with it installed
  • Actual spreading width is double the indicated track centre disctances
  • Apeture reduction kits are available for rye grass, the spreading width is always 6m regardless of vane type.
Orchard Kit BXL crane

Other options include: 

  • Rain covers (available ex stock)
  • Storage wheels (supplied with W models)

Download a brochure for more information