Tatu Marchesan COP planters

The Tatu Marchesan COP arange of no-till planters are ideal for planting maize and other row crops. The rugged construction and choice between coulters and tynes on the fertilizer unit make the planter ideal for the farmer who wants to convert to zero-tillage. These units are mounted on a parallelogram system with depth control. Independent seed planting units are mounted on long parallelogram frames and each can be individually adjusted to compensate for different soil types and uneven ground.

The SUPREMA is equipped with vacuum seed metering. This is an extremely simple yet accurate system which gives improved seed spacing. The COP plate planters can be equipped with the revolutionary Apollo plate system which allows for high accuracy without increasing the complexity.

The PST and COP FLEX planters, are lighter duty planters than the COP, can be used for no-till or conventional planting of large seeds. The PST uses the same fertilizer and seed planting mechanism as the COP. It is equipped with double rubber depth control wheels to ensure even seed depth throughout the field and thus uniform plant emergence. Depth adjustment is easy and does not require any tools.