Pierobon Multi-Seeders

Pierobon Mix3B 20 row 900mm no-till planter - Heilbron 2012

Valtrac started distributing Pierobon equipment from Argentina in 2011. They the best for farmers who want to plant many rows or who have difficult turf or clay soils. The Pierobon planters are precision engineered and have a high quality construction. The TD21 no-till seeders can be used as a seed drill for small seeds and pastures or to plant soya beans.

A standard feature on all Pierobon planters is the side-tow system. It uses the four depth control wheels, which swiwel around to allow for the planter to be transported easily. Even if two planters have been coupled together to make a large planter, the planter can still be towed from field to field.

Since each section has its own wheels, this ensures that stability is maintained and that even the end units maintain good contact with the ground, in rough conditions. The construction, durability, ease of maintenance and precision far exceed that available on other big planter systems. The wheels also have a self leveling system that maintains perfect contact with the soil where the ground is uneven.

The revolutionary patented Filam coulter scraper system in double or single coulter versions prevent soil distrubance and packing in clay conditions. These units are available for the seed and fertilizer units.

Pierobon units can be purchased individually and are ideal for building air-seeders.

Valtra T171 tractor and Pierobon Mix 3B planter
Valtra T171 tractor and Pierobon Mix 3B planterParys 2011

Valtra T171 tractor and Pierobon Mix 3B planter
Pierobon Mix 3B planter
Cover after planting
Pierobon Filam Coulter System
Pierobon Mix 3B planter from behind
Pierobon Mix 3B planter lifted for transport in land
Pierobon Mix 3B planter lifted for transport in land
Pierobon Mix 3B Multi-Seeder planting maize into stubble
Pierobon Mix 3B Multi-Seeder
Pierobon TD21 on road
Pierobon TD21 on road
Pierobon vacuum unit in operation

For more information on Pierobon and the range of planters – please click here to visit their website.