Montana Parruda 2627 M

The 2627 M is a mid-sized self-propelled sprayer that delivers excellent productivity at a low cost. The 2627 M has a cost effective, low maintenance, and simple mechanical 2x4 transmission. The 2627 merges the best advantages found in the Boxer 2021 and the Parruda 3027. The Parruda 2627 M has proved itself to be a highly reliable and productive ally on farms around the world.

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Montana Parruda 3027H

 The Montana Parruda is Montana’s largest self-propelled sprayer bringing you excellent crop protection at a lower cost per hectare. Designed for large scale farming applications and difficult conditions, the Parruda combines big thinking, agility, reliability, safety, and proven performance worldwide.

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Montana Boxer 2021M

The Montana Boxer is your economic, robust, and reliable self-propelled ally in crop protection. Utilising its class leading light weight, performance, and low maintenance cost, the Boxer is perfectly designed to protect crops at a lower cost. Incorporating all the technology and experience found in the Parruda, dynamite truly does come in small packages.

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