Pöttinger Disc Mowers

Valtrac has selected the disc mowers most suitable for South African conditions from the 53 different models which Pöttinger manufactures.



The Novadisc range of light weight disc mowers are rear mounted. A parallel lifting system with a single acting cylinder reduce stress on the 3 point linkage.


Novacat mowers are high performance disc mowers with centre suspension and removable conditioners. Rear mounted, trailed, front mounted and mower combinations are available. The rear mounted mower has a centre pivot suspension which allows for good ground hugging even when mowing on steep slopes. The counter springs are easily adjustable without tools so that you can optimise your mower for lower drag. Three transport positions make movement between fields easy and safe. The conditioner has its own chassis for easy removal by one person. A double roller conditioner, ideal for lucerne, is also available.

The Alpha Motion hitch-on rack for the front mower has a unique active carrier frame that controls the vertical float while adjusting the cutting angle for good ground hugging without forage contamination.

Pöttinger Novacat mowers as reported by Proagri. 

Pöttinger front and rear combination mower with Valtra T131 - Devon 2012

Cutterbar Technology


Pöttinger’s cutter bars are very flat allowing the grass to flow easily over the cutter resulting in efficient mowing even where grass is thick. The mower discs are made from hardened steel to resist wear. While the modular design, clamped full length counter blades and secure quick change knife system make maintenance easy, so that you can make your hay while the sun shines.