Pickett One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead and Valtra T191 TwinTrac in operation in the Eastern Free State 2012

Pickett Equipment - Manufacturers of Innovative Farm & Bean Equipment

Innovation has fueled Pickett Equipment from its birth in the mid-1970s. Development of the One Step rod cutter / windrower established Pickett Equipment as the world leader in dry edible bean cutting and windrowing.

The One Step rod cutter / windrower is this American company’s flagship. The One Step system has simply revolutionized bean harvesting. Gone are the days of knifing and windrowing. The One Step accomplishes the pulling and windrowing of crops in a single pass . . . thus the product’s name: One Step. The One Step mechanises the previously labour intensive process allowing beans to be harvested at the optimum time. This not only reduces hassles but ensures the best possible quality product and an optimum selling price for the farmer.

The One Step can be mounted on the front lift of a large tractor, but by mounting it on the back of a Valtra TwinTrac tractor, less kW are required resulting in lower fuel consumption. The operator also has a much better view of the operation of the machine. The tractor can be used year round for ground preparation, transport or any other work. The One Step Ahead / TwinTrac combination is truly a winning recipe, just ask one of the many dry bean producers who have already gone One Step Ahead.

One Step Ahead

The One Step Ahead will allow cutting and windrowing of row crop or solid seeded crops in one operation with virtually no loss.


Optimum Visibility & Control While Harvesting

The Design of the One Step Ahead will allow cutting and windrowing of row crop or solid seeded crops in one operation. Cutting beans or peas with the One Step Ahead allows optimum visibility & control while harvesting your crop with virtually no loss.

The One Step Ahead works best with Valtra TwinTrac reverse drive tractors.