Bogballe M3W precision fertilizer spreader

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The easy to use and acccurate precision fertilizer spreader from Denmark. 

The Bogballe company was established in 1934 in Bogballe, Denmark by Anders Peter Laurson. Today Bogballe is still 100% family owned and managed.  The core family values that made the company so successful is still firmly in place today. 

Load cell
High quality light and paint

The company only manufactures spreaders and can therefor allocate all their research and development capacity to the improvement of its spreader range. The factory boasts an impressive 20 000 square meter state of the art manufacturing facility as well as one of the largest and most advanced fertiliser test halls in Europe.

Bogballe is regarded as the world’s front running fertiliser spreader manufacturer in terms of build quality, infield spreading consistency and innovation. In 1988 they were the first company to introduce the use of a load cell to a spreader thereby allowing continuous calibration.

All steel components undergo a 7 step cleaning process (with several steps uniquely patented by Bogballe) before the powder “flex coat“ is applied. All sharp edges are worked round to ensure the powder coating is applied in even thickness over all surfaces, even on the edges. 

As with other leading Scandinavian manufacturers Bogballe believes in ‘ less is more’ and applies this philosophy in the manufacturing and ease of use of their spreaders. (  Insert video link: Valtra’s modular engine design allows for a fully roboticides engine factory ). All spreaders use modular components giving you piece of mind that the same transmission in your 1325L spreader is also used in the worlds largest three point spreader the Bogballe M6 6000L. The modular design means that by stocking a relatively small amount of components they can deliver any spreader configuration within a days’ notice. Should Valtrac not have stock on a specific model you can have a custom order spreader delivered to your farm in South Africa within 2 months from order, direct from the factory.

The trade mark of the Bogballe spreaders is their ease of use. For spreading widths below 48m (24m centres) no fertiliser test or speeding is needed. Its advisable to carry out a fertiliser test for spreading widths above 54m (27m centres) to determine the most appropriate machine settings ( Vane position and spreader tilt angle). Calibrating each controller type is incredibly simple and is covered under the machine types.